A deeper understanding of writing: A reflection on advocacy

By Stephanie Bell
Vol. 1, No. 1 (Winter 2020)

GIF of Stephanie Bell saying cheers with her coffee mug.
Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Bell is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University, and a co-editor of the CWCR/RCCR

With guest editor,
Holly Salmon, CWCA/ACCR board member, Coordinator and Instructor, Learning Centre Instructor, English Department, Douglas College

How do you describe the role of writing centres in higher education? I find that my efforts to articulate a narrative that moves beyond descriptions of programming and pedagogy are centred on advocacy and education about the nature of writing. What is good writing? This question has high stakes for higher education, and writing specialists located in writing centres have the expertise required to shape the answer. Continue reading “A deeper understanding of writing: A reflection on advocacy”