2023 Conference Registration & Events

The 2023 CWCA/ACCR Virtual Conference starts May 24! View the events page for more details and to register. View the conference schedule as a PDF.

Registration Categories & Fees

Note: All registrations include the 3-day virtual conference and a one-year CWCA/ACCR membership.

Full Conference Registration – $150
Registration for those with institutional funding who do not wish to use another registration category is $150.

Full Conference Registration – Students – $25
Registration for students with institutional funding who do not fall into any other registration category is $25.

Full Conference Registration – Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) students and staff/faculty – $0
This free registration is available as an option for all attendees who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Colour. BIPOC attendees can use whatever registration category best suits their identity and circumstances and do not have to self-identify by registering with this category.

Full Conference Registration – International Students – $0
This free registration applies to all international students.

Full Conference Registration – Attendees without institutional funding – $0
This free registration applies to all attendees who do not have institutional funding to participate in the conference.

Submission of Payment

Please note that you will not be prompted to make payment when you choose a registration category through the Zoom registration page.

Although all of the registration categories say “free” on the Zoom registration form, please note as described above that there are two categories of paid registration. The other categories are, indeed, free in alignment with CWCA/ACCR’s commitment to making the conference accessible, including for those without institutional funding.

If you have institutional funding and are registering in one of the paid categories, please submit payment after you have completed the Zoom registration form. (Payment instructions are also provided on the Zoom registration page.)

Payment options are either

If you are registering multiple conference speakers/attendees, please complete the Zoom registration form for each person.

Event Link

Once you are registered, you will receive an event link to access the event “lobby.”

If you encounter any difficulties with the registration or payment process, please reach out to us at cwcaconference@gmail.com.

Please share this registration information widely in your networks, especially with student tutors in your centres who may be interested in attending the conference.

We are so excited to (re)connect with you!