A black pilcrow symbol with the words "pilcrow studio"Pilcrow Studio Writing Retreat
May 28, 2022

11:30am-4:30pm EDT
Free Event!


Building on momentum of the 2022 CWCA/ACCR conference, we present the Pilcrow Studio writing retreat on Saturday, May 28th. The Pilcrow Studio offers an opportunity for focused writing in community with your writing centre colleagues from across the country. 

The Pilcrow Studio is designed to encourage the practice of scholarly writing by Canadian writing centre teacher-scholars, to facilitate collective storytelling about sites of writing mentorship, and to provide opportunities for greater mentorship of the scholarly work of peer tutors and graduate students. 

Tentative Schedule
To be revised in light of information collected via registration

Session 1: Introductions & Goal Setting

Session 2: Writing in Conversation.
Use the power of social writing to move your writing along. Connect with a colleague to discuss your project.

Session 3: Head Down, Write

Session 4: Reflection & goal setting

Lunch n’ write – keep the momentum!
Movement & yoga breaks
2022 Organizing Committee: Nadine Fladd, Tessa Troughton, Stevie Bell

A black pilcrow symbol with the words "pilcrow studio"The Pilcrow 

The paragraph symbol, the pilcrow, signifies the extension of ideas and thoughts in new lines of text flowing forward into the page. Etymologically, pilcrow is derived from the Greek paragraphos, which combines para (beside) and graphein (to write).

Taking its name from this symbol, The Pilcrow Studio Writing Retreat offers a space beside the CWCA/ACCR conference to write.