The CWCA/ACCR is a bilingual community of writing practitioners, as well as people and groups interested in Canadian Writing Centres, their administration, and their services. The purpose is to enable sharing of resources, experiences, ideas, and scholarship with the aim of enriching the services provided to students in higher education across Canada.

CWCA/ACCR Executive

President:  Heather Fitzgerald (Emily Carr University of Art and Design)
Past President: Brian Hotson (St. Mary’s University)
Vice President: Sarah King (University of Toronto Scarborough)
Treasurer: Jordana Garbati (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Secretary: Clare Bermingham (University of Waterloo)
Members-at-large: Linnet Humble (St Thomas University), Nancy Johnson Squair (Douglas College)
Communications Committee: Kathy Block (University of Manitoba), Jordana Garbati (Wilfrid Laurier University), Brian Hotson (Saint Mary’s University),  Mandy Penney (University of Waterloo), Shahnaz Shahtoosi (University of Alberta), Tom Robles (University of Toronto – Scarborough)
Ex-officio: Marion McKeown (Royal Military College of Canada), Theresa Hyland (Huron University College)


CWCA / ACCR Constitution (as amended May 23, 2014)


  1. Janice GT Penner · · Reply

    I’vej ust joined the ass’n and would like to order the video by Wayne Robertson. Unfortunately, the university bookstore does not accept online payments from Canada.

    could you please send me Wayne’s email address? Thanks…
    Janice GT Penner Douglas College, Coquitlam BC

    1. Hi Janice,

      We ordered the film through the OSU Beaver Store – http://osubeaverstore.com/

      The film was $12.50 and shipping to Canada was $15.00.

      Let me know if you have trouble ordering this way.

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