Summer 2021 Reading Circle

CWCA members were invited to join a summer reading circle to engage with The Antiracist Writing Workshop: How to Decolonize the Creative Classroom by Felicia Rose Chavez.

They met in a series of three sessions in Summer 2021. Participants were encouraged to attend as they were able.

June Monday, June 28: 12-1:30pm PT / 3-4:30pm ET Introduction and Chapter 1
July Monday, July 19: 12-1:30pm PT / 3-4:30pm ET Chapter 2 -5
August Monday, Aug 16:  12-1:30pm PT / 3-4:30pm ET Chapters 6 – 8

In each session, they started by completing one of the suggested activities in the book together, and then opened the floor to participants to share parts of the book that they found most striking, to bring forward questions, and to suggest topics of discussion to the group.

Participants could also join the CWCR/RCCR Slack where a channel was set up for asynchronous discussion of the book. This was a place for participants to discuss between the live sessions and also to participate even if they couldn’t attend the live sessions.

Finally, participants were welcome to invite others from their writing centre community with whom they’d like to discuss this book. In particular, participants were encouraged to invite peer tutors from their writing centre who might be interested.

For questions please contact:
Holly Salmon,
Julia Lane,
Amanda Brobbel,
Jenna Goddard,