Special interest group – Second language writers

This group’s focus is programming offered for second language and writers in Writing Centres and the directions explored based on these questions:

  1. Is your second language writers support specialized or universal services?
  2. Do you support second language writers through your general program options?
  3. Do you offer specialized second language services? How do you articulate the difference between your general and specialized services?
  4. What are the practical and philosophical considerations behind your approach?

Contact: Rebecca Smollett, ESL Specialist, OCAD University

First meeting, May 23, 2014, Brock U

Seven members met to discuss our work with L2 writers. Most members were from the Maritimes. The shared concerns had to do primarily with the internationalization policies of our institutions — the recruitment and admission of international students without adequate language skills to succeed in the curriculum and then the lack of provision of academic support services for these students. There was some discussion of tying our requests for funding for academic support to institutional internationalization efforts. Also discussion of encouraging international students themselves to advocate for support (particularly in the context of their higher fees.)

Another shared area of work was around support for L2 graduate writers.

We agreed that we would continue our discussions on the general CWCA listserve as they may be of interest to other members working in programs without a designated L2 specialist.

Rebecca Smollett, ESL Specialist, OCAD University


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