Special interest group – Regional writing centre groups

This group’s focus is how CWCA/ACCR can best support regional groups, as well how regional groups can best support each other.

Contact: Judi Jewinski @jjewinsk

CWCA SIG Regional Groups Report

Brock University

Friday, May 23, 2014

During the CWCA AGM, Theresa Hyland situated the context for our discussion by referring to representation for the east and west regions. Because of the recent emergence of a core Southwestern Ontario writing centre professionals group, Judi Jewinski (Waterloo) agreed to chair the SIG discussion at the end of the day.

A good model seems to be the association of 12 maritime universities, who have had four meetings in the past three years and occasional SKYPE sessions. They will host a 2-day ELL and academic writing conference in October 2014.

It is a political reality that there is strength in numbers, and there are a number of advantages to establishing CWCA chapters or affiliates to provide additional value to CWCA members beyond an annual conference:

  • Setting and maintaining professional standards for Canadian writing centres
  • Promoting best practices locally and regionally
  • Taking advantage of local funds available for international initiatives
  • Creating meaningful opportunities for collaboration—sharing experiences and expertise across communities
  • Providing a stronger voice to admin

Next steps:

  1. Encourage local and regional partnerships
  2. Use group email to identify members according to region.
  3. Discuss operationalizing via the listserv.

Recommend that CWCA Vice-Chair be the chair of the Regional Groups SIG




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