Conference slides, handouts, and other material

2013 conference, University of Victoria

The Tutor as Editor (Linnet Humble, St. Thomas University) Presentation Slides

In-class tutoring pilot program (Brian Hotson, Saint Mary’s University) Prezi link

Essential HR for Writing Centre Administrators (Laurie Waye, University of Victoria)

Tutor-Supported Writing Studies: Exploring a New Model for Optimizing ESL Learner Success (Lucie Moussu, Christina Grant, Marysia Wojcik, University of Alberta)

Beyond ‘One-Size-Fits-All’: Rethinking Practices for L2 Students in the Writing Centre (Theresa Hyland, Huron University College)

2014 conference, Brock University

Learning Skills Technology Removing Barriers with Online Resources (Margaret Groombridge and Troy Brooks, Brock University)

Outside–In: Crossing Disciplinary Borders in a Blended Delivery Graduate Thesis Writers’ Group (Erin Stewart, Trent University)

Breaking Down Walls: Moving the Writing Centre beyond its Walls (Boba Samuels and Jordana Garbati, Laurier University)

The Best Laid Plan is a Strategic One: Experiential Learning @ UPEI’s Writing Centre (Robin Sutherland, UPEI)

A Disciplinary Divide: Does Discipline-Specific Coaching Make a Difference? (Nadia Ady and Faun Rice, University of Alberta)



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