The Canadian Writing Centre Review/La revue Canadienne des centres de rédaction (CWCR/RCCR) is a professional periodical in blog format for scholarly writing on writing centre theory, pedagogy, administration, histories, and stories specific to Canadian contexts of writing mentorship outside of for-credit courses across educational contexts. It’s a place where writing centre administrators, instructors, peer tutors, and student writers discuss and document their scholarly work, collectively creating an account of the current activity of the diverse Canadian writing centre community that captures the places, people, and contexts shaping writing centre developments.

  • Resource || A Presenter Prepares: Preliminary Research, Editing, and Practice
    By Dr. Joel Benabu Dr. Joel Benabu’s research interests include English Renaissance drama (Shakespeare’s writing practices for the stage, specifically), theory of drama and performance, and Ancient and early modern rhetorical theory. At the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (University of Toronto Mississauga), he has helped hundreds of students to hone their critical thinking and writing skills: “My writing pedagogy is less about imparting information and more about giving students the tools they need to excel in their academic writing. This can be achieved most effectively by building a diverse and robust skill set and confidence over time.” Introduction This … Read more
  • Some free pizza sealed the deal: Founding the Millwood High School Writing Centre
    By Kristin Welbourn Kristin Welbourn is the Millwood High School Librarian in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia. Millwood High School has 800 students. Millwood High School is a fairly typical school for the area, an area of mostly working-class families. It might seem an odd place for what appears to be the only high school writing centre in Atlantic Canada to originate. Kristin Wellbourn About two years ago, I was invited to a high school staff meeting where teachers were reviewing the Grade 10 provincial exam results from the previous three years. As the school Librarian, I … Read more
  • The Pilcrow Studio Writing Retreat
    Writing is at once two steps away from conversation and a return to conversation. We converse; we internalize conversation as thought; and then by writing, we re-immerse conversation in its external, social medium.” (Bruffee, p. 641) The Pilcrow Studio Writing Retreat offers writing studies’ scholars the opportunity to write in community with colleagues from across the country. Proposals should involve research projects intended for publication in the fields of writing centres or writing studies, with a view towards writing pedagogy. May 24th – May 27th, 2020Bluewater, Ontario  Call for proposals closes Monday, Feb. 3, 2020 Lake Huron … Read more
  • Writing centre is spelled -re
    CWCA/ACCR President’s messageSarah King, Director, UTSC Writing CentreVol. 1, No. 1 (Winter 2020) Portrait by Sarah's daughter It is my great pleasure, as President of the Canadian Writing Centres Association/L’Association des centres canadiennes de rédaction (CWCA/ACCR), to welcome the arrival of the CWCR/RCCR blog onto the Canadian writing centre scene.  Writing centres are deeply rooted in anglo-Canada, and their form and context is very different from those in the United States. CWCA/ACCR members Michael Kaler and Tyler Evans-Tokaryk’s (University of Toronto) recent (2019) CJSDW/r article lays out the history and unique features of the writing studies … Read more