3:10-4:25 Session J: Inkshedding & Workshop

Inkshedding: Reflecting, Writing, & Moving Forward

Zoom Link: https://yorku.zoom.us/j/95088077901?pwd=UXB1VGVTSnJ6TGRrVzVlbXNTS3hoZz09
Password: 45323
Moderators: Stevie Bell & Brian Hotson

Conclude this year’s conference by writing. In this session, participants will spend a few minutes writing about a key take-away or idea inspired by the conference. They will share their writing with colleagues, who will add comments, new thoughts and considerations, etc. This inkshedding approach will help conference attendees reflect on the conference and move forward with momentum for the upcoming year.

Title of presentation with pictures of Brian and Stevie, the presenters, moving out from behind the text. They are making silly faces.

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