Session F: Workshops

Language Matters: A Cross-Institutional Collaboration to bring Antiracist Writing to Instructors
Julia Lane (Simon Fraser University), Bee Brigidi (Simon Fraser University), Theresa Bell (Royal Roads University)

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This session presents a cross-institutional collaboration between colleagues from Simon Fraser University and Royal Roads University to create and facilitate an instructor-facing session titled Language Matters: Antiracist Writing in the Classroom. In this presentation, we combine snippets of the workshop with meta-reflections on the process of co-creating together. Our intention is to consider the importance of working together to take (bolder) action and re-think even deeply ingrained and powerful linguistic habits.

How Can Writing Centres Become Spaces of Allyship for Disability Communities
Chloée Godin-Jacques (Western University)

Writing centres can emerge as brave spaces, as well as spaces of allyship, for equity-seeking communities, if employees understand cultural difference and recognize intersectional struggles experienced by individuals from these communities. Doing so would involve engaging in discussions and learnings that extend beyond mandatory institutional EDI training. The realities of disabled persons are often portrayed as homogenous in such training sessions and writing centres are well located to challenge this ableism. Drawing on lived experiences and critical disability scholarship, this workshop explores intersectional topics about accessibility and disability so that writing centres can further practice allyship for various disability communities.

When I Say Queer…Writing Center on the Horizon
Jason Lipeles (University of Denver)

When I say “queer” in a WC context, I mean reaching toward the horizon of our center’s goals (José Esteban Muñoz) and dreaming with my fellow consultants. Beginning the workshop with a rainbow-hued poem, I will ask participants to consider their relationship to “reaching toward” in their WCs. Employing a distinctly Jewish-queer approach, I will frame the workshop with questions and in-depth paired sharing as we imagine what’s possible, especially in virtual WC spaces.

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