Panel: Disability & Access

Panel: Disability & Access
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Emergency Measures: Rethinking Safety, Disability and Access in the Writing Centre
Kate Kaul (York University)

What happens to safety when we bring disability to the writing centre, or when we find it there? Often, disability encounters the writing centre as a space, a site – not of safety, but of emergency thinking. How do we move with disability through pandemic time? What pedagogy will emerge from our urgent present? Writing centre work is more than a response to crisis, but what could it mean to frame disability in the writing centre as other than an emergency? Kelly Fritsch’s (2016) “Accessible” and Elaine Scarry’s (2011) Thinking in an Emergency frame this discussion.

Comfortability in the Writing Center
Rachael Aderoju (University of Denver)

This research offers insight into the relationship between comfort and ability in Writing Centers. Misconceptions of Writing Centers often cause barriers between comfort and ability as well as productivity in first time visitors. Therefore, this research aims to offer solutions for how consultants and Writing Center staff may assuage misconceptions for writers before they visit the Writing Center in order to increase comfortability and productivity during and after consultations, which is important in creating a positive and comfortable Writing Center environment.

Disclosure of Closure?
Samia Anderson (University of Denver)

The concept of “disclosure” continues to be a topic of interest in the scholarship of the writing center. While there is a lot of scholarship on writers’ disclosure not many have examined the functionality of tutors’ disclosure. The striking part in the few scholarships on disclosure is how it frames disclosure often as a necessity for the sake of addressing writers’ needs. My research aims to investigate how individual writers understand and feel and have preferences for and against tutors’ disclosure. For this research, I define disclosure as the act of making new often confidential information known during a consultation process.

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