Panel: Critical Perspectives

Panel: Critical Perspectives
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Writing centres and global coloniality
Stevie Bell & Brian Hotson

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While the support provided by writing centres can be quite impactful, it is not value neutral. This is most evident on the global stage where writing centres are fast becoming neocolonial tools of US public diplomacy. We see the US Department of State writing centre initiatives across South America, North and East Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. In this session, we zoom out from our local contexts to the global writing centre scene. What we find betrays our commitments to social, cultural and linguistic justice and our decolonial pedagogies.

Just Do It: Celebrating plurilingual writing in an interdisciplinary writing contest
Julia Lane & Hermine Chan

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SLC Writing Contest journal:
The Student Learning Commons at SFU has hosted an annual interdisciplinary undergraduate writing contest since 2017. In 2021, we created a Plurilingual Prize category. These prizes were awarded to papers that engage plurilingual repertoires and use writing strategies such as code meshing or code switching. This presentation will share the goals of the Plurilingual Prize and the successes it achieved in its first year. It will feature student presenters who submitted to this contest category.

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