2014 Conference, Brock University

Canadian Writing Centres Association / Canadienne des Centres de Rédaction Conference

Writing without borders |

May 23, 2014 | Brock University


Conference program


Conference information

In keeping with the theme of the CHSS Conference, Borders Without Boundaries, our theme is “Writing Without Borders.”  Topics that derive from this theme include:

  • Writing support without hierarchical borders:  undergraduate, post-graduate, staff, faculty and mature student support
  • Writing support without disciplinary borders:  responding to cross-disciplinary papers / writing in the disciplines & beyond the disciplines
  • Writing support without cultural borders; writing support for multilingual & multi-dialect writers
  • Communication without borders:  writing support for multi-media assignments
  • Writing without physical boundaries:  using technology to respond to students’ writing; MOOCs and the Writing Centre.
  • Support for the supporters:  training and professional development issues in the Writing Centre




The CWCA/ACCR is please to have Dr. Laura Greenfield, co-editor of Writing Centers & the New Racism: A Call for Sustainable Dialogue and Change (2012), as keynote speaker for the conference.

Laura Greenfield

Many educators believe in theory that students’ diverse languages and identities should be valued, but feel stuck putting that theory into practice when it appears at odds with a greater need to provide students with language tools necessary for their future success. This talk will challenge both the defeatism and the inherent racism underlying many of the teaching and tutoring practices devised as a result, and consider opportunities for those involved in writing center work to responsibly and effectively bring their practices into greater alignment with their ethical commitments.

Dr. Greenfield is a peer mentoring enthusiast and a scholar of anti-oppression education with a particular interest in the intersections of race, gender, and language diversity. Her recent book Writing Centers and the New Racism: A Call for Sustainable Dialogue and Change was the winner of the International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Book Award in 2012.


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