2013 Conference, University of Victoria

Writing @ the Centre

May 31, 2013

University of Victoria


The one-day conference co-organized by University of Victoria and The Canadian Writing Centres Association with support from Royal Roads University, Camosun College, and Vancouver Island University was a success.

This first conference for our newly independent association brought nearly 100 participants from 42 institution from Canada and the U.S.

The conference schedule included panels and papers which explore writing centre best practices and next practices.

Keynote speaker

Dr. Terese Thonus (University of Kansas) and Dr. Rebecca Day Babcock (University of Texas), presented from their publication, Researching the Writing Centre: Towards an Evidence-Based Practice (2012).

Praise for Researching the Writing Centre

In the context of accountability demands, Babcock and Thonus offer an incredibly timely, paradigm shifting, professionally necessary book. Researching the Writing Center inspires confidence with its compelling account of what’s already been accomplished in dissertation research on writing centers, and motivates by calling attention to how much we still don’t know. This book challenges the field to produce data-driven evidence to mediate between theory and practice. It provides exemplars of evidence-based practice in related fields that value social relations; it amasses findings of dissertation studies of writing center practice; it introduces research basics, and it suggests research methods and questions. Researching the Writing Center represents the next big step for writing centers – the creation of a research-based discipline. Brimming with methods and questions and examples and urgency, Babcock’s and Thonus’ book provides an invaluable resource just in time to respond to increased demands for accountability.
(Nancy Grimm, Professor, Director of the Multiliteracies Center, Michigan Technological University)

Be sure see the list of materials from the conference.

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