AGM 2021

14th CWCA/ACCR Annual General Meeting
20 May 2021, 2:45pm – 4:30pm (EDT) 
Conducted via Zoom


  1. Call to order (King)
  1. Adoption of the Agenda of the 14th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Writing Centres  Association / Association Canadienne des Centres de Rédaction (link to slides) (King)
    1. Attendance document (link)
  1. Adoption of the Minutes of the 13th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Writing Centres  Association / association Canadienne des centres de rédaction (link) (King)
  1. President’s Report (addendum link) (King and Bermingham) (5 min)
  1. Treasurer’s Report (report + notes) (Garbati) (10 min)
  2. Review of the 2020-21 fiscal year-end statements 
  3. Vote to waive requirement for audit by public accountant 
  1. CWCR/RCCR Blog Editors’ Report (addendum link) (Bell and Hotson)
  1. Regional Affiliates’ Reports
  1. Atlantic Canadian Writing Centres Association (ACWCA) (no report)
  2. British Columbia Writing Centres Association (BCWCA) (addendum link

New Business

  1. Bylaw amendments and position statements (link to CWCA/ACCR bylaws)
    1. Bylaw amendments (addendum link) (King)
      1. Amendment to Membership Chair position description (10 min)
      2. Student Member-at-Large position to the Board of Directors (10 min)
    2. Position statements
      1. CWCA/ACCR Position Statement on Writing Centres in Canada (link) (25 min) (King and Hotson)
      2. CWCA/ACCR Statement on a Commitment to Antiracism (link) (25 min) (Statement Committee)
  1. Elections (addendum link) (King) (35 min)

Nominees’ biographies (addendum link)

  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Membership Chair
  • Digital Media Chair
  • Francophone representative
  • Member-at-Large (x2)
  • Student member-at-large (if approved) 
  1. Open forum for members (King) (10 min)
  1. Adjournment (King)


Next AGM, May 2022

Location, TBA