Advocating for Antiracist Approaches to Writing in the Canadian Postsecondary Context

Virtual Event
Tuesday, May 3, 12-2 pm EDT

As writing centre professionals, tutors, and students working in Canadian schools, colleges, and universities, we contribute to a colonial education system that is itself embedded in systemic racism and white supremacy. Writing and language have historically been—and continue to be—used to oppress and exclude Black, Brown, Indigenous, racialized, queer, trans, poor, and disabled peoples. At the same time, writing and language can be—and are being—leveraged for anti-oppressive means and ends. How can we, working from and within our respective writing centre contexts, use our engagement in this critical conversation about antiracist writing to create liberatory change? How can we engage in meaningful advocacy with faculty, administrators, and other key players to make a difference to the way that writing and language are taken up across academic institutions?

Join CWCA/ACCR on Tuesday, May 3, 12-2 pm EDT, to learn from colleagues who have extensive experience doing antiracist advocacy work. They will share their stories, goals, specific actions they have taken, and advice for advocacy. This session will provide opportunities for listening, sharing your work, asking questions, engaging with different perspectives, and brainstorming advocacy initiatives and actions for your own context. To prepare for the event, please spend 15 minutes reflecting on these two pre-session activities.

Many of us are already engaged in this work and seeking to build networks and relationships to sustain our advocacy. Others may still be learning about what this work entails. All are welcome.

Five speakers will be presenting. Read their bios.

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome and Land Acknowledgment
  2. Speakers introduce themselves and how they came to this work, followed by opportunity for written reflection
  3. Speakers share examples of their advocacy initiatives
  4. Guided meditation break
  5. Opportunity for written reflection followed by Q&A
  6. Speakers share final words of advice

If you have questions about the event, please contact Sarah King (CWCA/ACCR Past President) or Logan Middleton (CWCA/ACCR BIPOC Caucus).

Registration is now closed.

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