CWCA/ACCR constitution

Canadian Writing Centres Association /L’Association canadienne des centres de rédaction


CWCA/ACCR Constitution as Amended May 23 2014


(1) Name

Canadian Writing Centres Association / L’Association canadienne des centres de rédaction (CWCA-ACCR)

(2) Purpose
The Canadian Writing Centres Association / L’Association canadienne des centres de rédaction is an inclusive bilingual association representing multiple structural models, institutional sizes, and functional philosophies whose practitioners and researchers unite to share information, research, ideas, and best practices with members of all writing centres in colleges, universities, and institutes of learning.

(3) Membership

Members (voting): Membership is open to any person or group affiliated with Canadian Writing Centres. All members are required to pay the fee determined by the executive in consultation with the membership.

Associate members (non-voting): Associate members are those who sign up for the CWCA/ACCR listserv. Associate Members may not participate in voting.

Members-at-large: ad hoc

(3.1) Voting Members

Voting members are those Members (See Section 3) that have paid fully membership fees.

(4) Fees
Fees are from time-to-time set by the executive after consultation with the membership.

(5) Executive

The Executive consists of the following officers:

Chair: Following the end of the term of the first Chair, the Chair will hold office for a one-year term, with a one term, renewal as required. S/he represents the Association, presides over meetings, maintains open and regular communication with the membership to ensure that all members are informed of changes, opportunities, and challenges to the Association. The Chair also delivers regular reports as required.

Vice-Chair: S/he supports and assists the Chair, succeeds the Chair after one year, and is elected a one year term at an annual general meeting.

Past Chair: S/he provides support, feedback, and guidance to the Chair for a one-year term.

Secretary/Registrar: S/he is responsible for outreach to members, recruitment, publicity, and routine communication. Notifies membership of annual general meeting; records and maintains minutes from the annual general meeting and executive meetings. This is an elected position with a two-year term.

Treasurer: S/he administers the finances, submits an annual report to the executive and the general membership at an annual general meeting and reports audited finances as required by the executive. The Treasurer shares signing authority with the Chair. This position is a three-year term, elected at an annual general meeting.

Members-at-large: ad hoc, as determined by the executive and elected by the membership.

Ex-officio: Secrétaire Français

S/he is responsible for transmitting all major communications in French, for recruiting French members and for outreach to the French-Canadian community.

Media/Communications Committee Chair
This committee will be responsible for the content and maintenance of the association’s social media, web page, and other forms of communications not yet conceived. The committee will consist of up to four members, with a chairperson elected by the committee. These positions will be elected from the floor at an annual general meeting.

The chair of this committee will be the reporting member to the executive, as well as act as a member of the executive.

(6) Meetings

  1. There will be an annual general meeting (AGM) at which time elections will be held.
  1. There will be an annual conference.

a. The conference will be called by the Association Chair in consultation with the executive.
b. A conference committee will be formed, chaired by the Association Chair. Membership of the committee can come from the Executive, as well as voting members of the association.
c. Other members include the Treasurer, Secretary, and Past-Chair.
d. Other committee members may include non-members of the association.

(7) Committees

These may be established by the Executive from time to time, as required. Committees can be chaired by any member of the CWCA.

(8) Amendments to the Association’s Constitution

  1. Any member may submit suggested amendments to the Executive, who will submit the amendment for consideration by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  2. A motion to amend requires thirty (30) calendar days’ Notice of Motion, which shall be distributed via the CWCA listserv.
  3. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a resolution passed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of members in attendance at the AGM.

(9) General Statement

CWCA does not provide any financial gain for any of its members, save scholarship support from time-to-time to selected members to attend conferences or meetings. Any profits from or other accretions to the Association shall be used to promote its objectives. Upon dissolution of the association, any residual funds shall be donated to one or more similar organizations who share similar goals and objectives. The decision regarding amounts and recipients shall be made by the Executive.


(As Amended at the Annual General Meeting, St. Catharines, ON, May 23, 2014)


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