CFP || EXTENDED – CASDW Conference

The 10th Annual Conference of
the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing/ (CASDW/ACR)
The Diversity of Writing and Discourse
Saturday, May 26 to Monday, May 28, 2018
University of Regina – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

CALL FOR PAPERS Due Friday, January 19, 2018
For the 10th annual conference of CASDW/ACR, the largest gathering of writing studies scholars in Canada, we invite papers on all aspects of writing studies, especially those related to research, theory and pedagogy that connect with our theme, The Diversity of Writing and Discourse. This theme encompasses research and theoretical studies about the varied nature, place, role, and impact of writing and discourse, whether in the academy or other professional and public contexts. We ask that presenters share original material that has not been presented at CASDW or other conferences.

Papers might address topics relating to the diversity of writing and discourse such as the role of:
· writing and discourse in cultural and political debates from diverse perspectives
· writing and globalization and multilingualism
· writing in diverse institutional, professional, and cultural settings
· ethical issues related to writing and discourse and the teaching of writing and discourse
· writing in diverse digital places and in the context of multimodality
· writing development across the lifespan including in K-12, undergraduate and graduate curricula
· writing within and across different disciplines
· diverse approaches to writing assessment
· writing centres and teaching and learning centres
· student writing and diverse institutional approaches to plagiarism
· different approaches to the development of future writing teachers, scholars, and leaders

We welcome papers that draw on work in writing studies, genre studies, rhetorical theory, writing centre theory and practice, professional and technical writing research and practice, cultural studies, and faculty and TA development. We welcome papers that connect with CASDW’s heritage as a place for sharing research on technical and professional writing as well as those that connect with its more inclusive mission to examine all forms of discourse and writing and to explore pedagogical practices and innovations.

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