Publication || The WLN Blog

The WLN’s (formerly the Writing Lab Newsletter) blog, “Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders,” is available at

The blog welcomes international readers and recent blog topics included:
• the dress code conversation
• an interview with Julie Christoph, the chair of the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing
• Les Perelman’s post about the problems with automated essay scoring, such as the SAT
• a new interview with a U of British Columbia tutor working to keep the UBC writing center open
• an argument by a high school peer tutor about “How shud we teach students tew write?”
• a profile of the Writing Centre in Oman
• Leigh Ryan and Lisa Zimmerelli reflecting on the new edition of their Bedford tutor training manual
• coming tonight or tomorrow, a reflection by a tutor in Germany
• weekly news round-ups by Asst. Blog Editor, Amber Slater (send news for her to include: Amber Slater:

WLN Blog Editor, Josh Ambrose:, and Asst. Blog Editor, Amber Slater:, invite you to read and comment on the blog, to send them news, and to suggest topics you’d like to read about. They are especially interested in hearing from folks overseas. What’s going on in your writing center? Photos are always welcome as are live clips of speakers at conferences.

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