News story || UBC Writing Centre to shut down tutorial services (The Ubyssey)

UBC Writing Centre to shut down tutorial services


  1. How unfortunate! Without personalized writing support, it’s hard to see how campuses can welcome and support a diversity of students. I have four reasons for thinking this:

    1. I see our version of the Writing Centre, which is called the Centre for Academic Communication, as a partner in all our current campus plans: student academic success, student retention, student mental health, etc. We are a necessary part of the bigger picture
    2. A Writing Centre can serve as a “cultural informant” that can bridge for international students the divide between their home academic culture and the North American one
    3. Personalized, personable learning support is an essential service for a diversity of learners, including students with disabilities and students with more limited English skills
    4. Writing Centres are poised, in my mind, to play a role in the 94 Calls to Action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. Many of the Calls to Action address changes required in higher education. That role can be direct through the provision of decolonized tutoring, or indirect through the support of curriculum that promotes anti-racism, intercultural competency, and mutual respect.

    Just my two cents.

    Laurie Waye, PhD
    Associate Director, Student Academic Success
    Learning & Teaching Centre
    University of Victoria

    1. Thanks, Laurie, for your insight, esp. your 4th point. A petition has been set up to protest this move:

      This has been posted on various CWCA media. Please forward the petition to all who are intereted.

  2. I signed it! Thanks for the link.

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