Survey || IWCA Writing Center Research Project Survey for 2014-15

From Harry Denny (@hdenny), Associate Professor of English & Writing Lab Director, Purdue University, via Director of Writing Centers

“I am excited to announce the re-launch of the IWCA Writing Center Research Project Survey for the 2014-15 academic year. This survey collects and aggregates research on the usage, demographics, staffing, institutional support, personnel structures and processes of writing centers across the US and world and in a variety of educational contexts. Ideally, this survey will provide peer and aspirant institutions, writing center professionals, consultants, peer tutors, or coaches comparable information against which to assess or measure themselves. This survey will also continue to document the growth and challenges that writing centers and the individuals would work there or use them. Results – past, current, and future – will be accessible from the Purdue OWL and the IWCA webpage.

To participate, click on this link or navigate to the research section on the Purdue OWL. That site has a hard-copy you may download and review before starting; you may also start and stop the survey, just return to the same machine. This survey has been reviewed and approved by the Human Participants Program at Purdue University (#1508016373).”

View current and past results.

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