Call for Proposals || 2015 IWCA Conference

The 2015 International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) conference proposal deadline is April 1! You can submit proposals online at

2015 IWCA Conference
Call for Program Proposals

Writing Center (r)Evolutions

We invite you to consider writing center (r)evolutions: the ways in which we create our writing center pedagogies, practices, spaces, and programs through artistic and technological innovations.

We will meet in Pittsburgh, PA, the Steel City, at the Wyndham Hotel to explore writing center (r)evolutions and the ways that these (r)evolutions move writing center conversations forward. Playing on Pittsburgh’s own evolution, we encourage proposals that consider the evolution of your own writing centers and writing center work. Successful proposals might focus on new communities, places, and spaces, and be inspired by (but not limited to) the following threads:

  • Working class and the visual arts–how writing centers channel blue collar versions of Andy Warhol
  • Ways in which visual arts and multimodal composition are at work in writing centers
  • The development of multiliteracy centers and related approaches
  • How writing centers allow students to create and connect
  • Ways in which notions of labor and unions figure in conversations about our work
  • The evolution of working with multilingual writers and multilingual writing
  • More complex and layered ways that writing centers get their work done
  • Ways writing centers respond to the increasingly complex definitions of writing
  • How writing centers foster research, development, and innovation
  • Ways writing centers move institutions forward and build momentum for campus-wide initiatives
  • Ways writing centers reach beyond institutional walls through literacy and partnership activities

General Information

Program Format
The 2015 IWCA Conference consists primarily of 75-minute Concurrent Sessions offered Thursday morning through late Saturday afternoon. Concurrent Sessions may consist of full panel presentations (3 or more presenters); individual presentations (1-2 presenters, 15 minutes) grouped together by topic; roundtable discussions led by two or more facilitators; poster presentations; workshops led by two or more facilitators; Ignite presentations; and Special Interest Groups. Featured presentations will be organized by the Program Chair. Poster sessions will take place on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will be offered during 60-minute meeting times on Thursday and Friday evenings.

  • Concurrent Sessions: Individual presentation or conference paper. You will be placed on the program with other presenters with similar interests.
  • Panel Presentations: 3 to 4 presentations of 15-20 minutes each on a particular theme or question.
  • Individual Presentations: 15-20 minute papers that will be combined into a panel by the program chairs.
  • Roundtable Discussions: 15 minutes of introductory comments/question framing by the presenters and then a discussion among attendees.
  • Poster Presentations: A research-fair style presentation of research in which the presenter(s) create a visual argument and informally discuss their research with attendees.
  • Workshop Sessions: 75-minute interactive sessions that encourage participant involvement. Consider including manipulatives, games, etc. to encourage interaction.
  • Ignite Sessions: 5 minute presentations that include 20 presentation slides (PPT or Keynote), each lasting 15 seconds.
  • Special Interest Groups: Special Interest Groups (SIGs) would meet for one hour during the conference. SIGs are typically informal conversations with colleagues and peers. Proposals should include a brief description and overview of how participants will be involved.

Proposal Guidelines

  1. Follow the proposal guidelines.
  2. Be specific and clear about the focus and purpose of your proposal. No supplemental material will be accepted.
  3. Session descriptions should be no more than 300 words. Abstracts should be 70-100 words.
  4. Submit proposals by the deadline: April 1, 2015.
  5. Program invitations will be sent to presenters by May 15, 2015.
  6. All presenters must accept invitations, register, and pay registration fee by August 8, 2015, in order to appear in the conference program.
  7. All presenters and contact information must be accurate and up to date by August 8, 2015.

Please contact Russell Carpenter, Program Chair, at or 859-622-7403 with any questions regarding the conference proposal submission process.

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