Call for papers || Religion in the Writing Center, Writing Lab Newsletter


Religion in the Writing Center, May/June 2016 Special Issue

For this special issue on “Religion in the Writing Center,” we invite proposals for articles up to 3000 words that recognize religious identity as one category of identity that is present in our daily work in writing centers and that explore the potential of religious belief to inspire productive academic and civic discourses in the writing center. We are interested in proposals covering the broadest range of religious identity that consider the following questions organized around the broader categories of: religion as an identity category; writing centers at religious/faith based institutions; the role of religion at secular institutions; tutor-student interactions over issues of faith and religion; and tutor religious identity.

  • In what ways is religion a category of identity worthy of the same consideration and exploration as race, class, gender, and sexuality?
  • How is religious discourse useful for complicating or enlarging writing center work? That is, how can we use religious identity as a way to open up—not close off—civic and political discourse in the writing center?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for writing centers at faith-based or religious institutions?
  • What specific strategies can we use in tutoring students who use faith and religious documents as evidence?
  • How does a tutor’s religious identity affect his/her philosophy and praxis of tutoring?

Proposals will be accepted though May 30, 2015.
Invitations to submit full articles will be issued by July 1, 2015.
Manuscripts will be due on December 31, 2015.

Proposal format: Please submit a 250—400 word proposal that includes your focus and working, relevant scholarship, theoretical underpinnings, and your plans for structuring a 3000-word article. Send the proposal to Lisa Zimmerelli at Please provide full contact information with your submission.


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