Call || Writer Lab Newsletter Online Writing Center Resources Developers

A call from Muriel Harris, Editor, Writing Lab Newsletter


Dear writing center colleagues,

The Writing Lab Newsletter (WLN) is building a resource bank of links to online resources for all aspects of writing center work. We are currently bookmarking useful sites and are looking for volunteers to help with this huge project. When we have a reasonably rich set of resources, we’ll offer the site to anyone who is searching for links to topics that we often ask about, e.g., questions that come up repeatedly on writing center listservs and this blog. In response, people offer assistance and links, and it’s those messages and links that we want to bookmark and keep in a resource bank, along with resources such as job descriptions, promotional and instructional videos created by and for writing centers, tutor training materials, data collection software, etc., etc. What we hope to build is a go-to place for links to such topics. At this beginning stage, we don’t yet have a specific list of topics to search for and would expect the topic list to grow and grow and grow, along with a continually expanding bank of links to resources. If you don’t have time to volunteer to help build the resource bank but have topics to suggest, please let us know.

So, this is a call for helpers to build this site, people whom we’ll call “WLN Online Writing Center Resource Developers (WLN OWCRD). Hey, titles are important for CVs and resumes! But I wish we had an easier or clever acronym.

Some qualities we are looking for:
• A reasonable familiarity with writing center listservs and writing center work so that you know what questions are perennial ones and need to be bookmarked for people looking for resources on such topics. (Links would be to websites, relevant posts on WCenter, EWCA, and WPA-L, etc., and posts to other relevant listservs with archives, plus links to specific articles in WLN, WCJ, Praxis, etc.)

• A reasonable familiarity with working online and searching for sources

• A willingness to spend time learning to work with Diigo, the software we’re using to build this resource

If you are interested in joining this project, please send an e-mail to Lee Ann Glowzenski and Alan Benson:mailto: . Please put WLN OWCRD in the subject line and respond to these questions:
• Why are you interested in this?
• What experience do you have with WCenter and writing center work?
• What topics would you suggest? And what sites or listservs or other sources might you be interested in searching to link to?
• How much time could you volunteer each week and for how long (this semester? this year? longer?) do you foresee devoting to this?
• Anything else you want to share with us?

We’ll, of course, appreciate notes that are reasonably brief, but also complete enough to let us see if you would be a helpful contributor. Brilliant suggestions for the WLN Writing Center Resource Bank are also welcomed.


Muriel Harris
Professor Emerita of English
Writing Lab Director (retired)
Writing Lab Newsletter, Editor
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