Dear members,

I am writing in regards proposed changes to the constitution of the Canadian Writing Centres Association/L’Association Canadienne des Centres de Rédaction. As the association grows and changes, especially after becoming independent, changes to the constitution have been discussed at the executive that will help to improve the operation and function of the association. These amendments will be voted on at the CWCA/ACCR AGM as part of the annual conference on May 23rd at Brock University

In accordance with existing Article 9, Amendments (below), proposed amendments will be circulated to the members of the association four months in advance of the Annual General Meeting, at which time they will be adopted if passed by a two-thirds majority of those present.

Please review the proposed amendments document, and forward any comments and/or suggestions to the constitution committee,

We look forward to your comments,

Brian Hotson, Saint Mary’s University

Jane Milton, NSCAD University

Liv Marken, University of Saskatchewan

Constitution Committee

Article 9, Amendments
Ten members may propose amendments by submitting a signed proposal to the Executive. Such amendments, having been circulated with four month’s minimum notice to members, will be voted on at the AGM. A majority of two-thirds of those present shall constitute a majority required for the passage of such amendments.

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