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Writing without borders

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Keynote Speaker: Laura Greenfield, co-editor of “Writing Centers & the New Racism

Laura Greenfield

Please join us for our second annual Canadian Writing Centres Conference which will be held at Brock University on May 23rd, 2014 in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. The conference immediately precedes the Congress of the Humanities  and Social Sciences Annual Conference (CHSS). We will provide a welcoming environment for tutors, writing centre administrators, and instructors for discussions of writing centre practice, theory and  research.

In keeping with the theme of the CHSS Conference, Borders Without Boundaries, our theme is “Writing Without Borders”.  We hope presenters will explore this theme in a variety of ways. Topics that derive from this theme could include but are not limited to:

  • Writing support without hierarchical borders:  undergraduate, post-graduate, staff, faculty and mature student support
  • Writing support without disciplinary borders:  responding to cross-disciplinary papers / writing in the disciplines & beyond the disciplines
  • Writing support  without cultural borders; writing support for multilingual & multi-dialect writers
  • Communication  without borders:  writing support for multi-media assignments
  • Writing without physical boundaries:  using technology to respond to students’ writing; MOOCs and the Writing Centre.

Support for the supporters:  training and professional development issues in the Writing Centre

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