Conference materials – handouts, slides, etc.

Thank you again for your participation in Writing @ the Centre. We gained so much in just one day from your workshops, presentations, and panels.

The University of Victoria Writing Centre would like to offer you the opportunity to showcase and share your presentation, panel or workshop on the CWCA website. It is my role to create videos and other online objects highlighting some of the insights you shared.  If you would like to participate, please send any media (images, PDFs, PPTs, audio/video files) that you would like me to include, along with a list of key points or script notes. Please also indicate your preferred method of knowledge transfer. Here are just a few ideas:
·         Voice-over Powerpoint slides to create a video
·         A screen-captured Skype presentation
·         A traditional paper presented as a PDF
·         A podcast of you being interviewed
This is not an exhaustive list and we’re open to your ideas!  Of course, all contributors will be acknowledged for their authorship of the content and given access to this resource once established.

If you’d like to see some samples, here are some of the creations I made in my role as Coordinator at the UVic Writing Centre and as a tutorial developer for UVic Libraries:
Academic Integrity
The Arbutus Review
UVic TWC’s Help Videos Page
The UVic Library’s Help Videos Page

Please let me know if you would like to participate! We are working on a tight deadline and would need to have your project completed to your satisfaction by June 28th. The earlier we start, the better the product will be.

Send your materials to Abby –

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