Conference success

Thank you to everyone who came to the CWCA/ACCR conference at University of Victoria. Over 95 members representing 40 institutions came from 8 provinces and as well as Washington state. It was good to meet with friends and colleagues, as well as new CWCA/ACCR members.

Special thanks

Special thank you from the CWCA/ACCR executive as well as all the members to UVic writing centre manger, Dr. Lauie Waye for hosting the conference. As was mentioned at the conference, Dr. Waye’s effort was key in the success of the conference, setting a template for future conferences for our association. Thanks, Laurie!

Thanks, too, to the planning committee:

Theresa Hyland, Liv Marken, Tammy Bryne, Grace Howell, and Miriam Unruh

Their work contributed to the success of this conference.

Further news

In the coming weeks, materials from the conference will be posted to this site. A note will be sent out on the listserve when these have been uploaded.

Also, a constitution committee and electronic media committee were formed. More information on these may be found in the AGM minutes to be posted shortly.

Thank you all for coming to the conference. Plans are already underway for 2014! I hope to see you all again.

Brian Hotson,

Past-Chair, CWCA/ACCR

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